Want Netflix in Oz?

Plenty of people are keen to get themselves a Netflix account in Australia. The problem is due to content blocks the service is not available in Australia. This is mainly due to the fact all of the tv networks and movie studios etc in Australia have signed deals to block access to the content, so that they can provide bits and pieces as they see fit at way overpriced rates.

Really in 2013 this is just not acceptable. The entire world is one place these days, and the internet means the world is a very small place. As such if people aren’t paying for content on a service like Netflix they will just download it illegally.

There is another way though! If you want Netflix Australia you can do it with a bit of ingenuity and a crafty trick. That link just there points you to the Netflix Australia Now site – this is a great site that tells you exactly how you can get Netflix in Australia, as the name suggests… right now!

It takes only 5 minutes to do and works perfectly, and involves paying for Netflix so no one is being cheated in the process. I highly recommend checking that site out and following the tips there if you want Netflix and you’re a poor battling Aussie like me.

Oh and just to prove it works, here’s a photo of Netflix set-up running through a PS3 in Sydney:


Awesome right? Check out the site now – http://www.netflixaustralianow.com.au


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